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Please be aware of our Admission Policy


Children Under 8 Years Old

BSP022 Under 8s Swim Policy Infographic-1-02.png
BSP022 Under 8s Swim Policy Infographic-1-03.png
BSP022 Under 8s Swim Policy Infographic-1-04.png
BSP022 Under 8s Swim Policy Infographic-1-01.png

Policy applicable during all session types, with the exception of ‘Family Sessions’ only, whereby policy ratio is relaxed to allow for 1 Adult to 2 Children under the age of 8 years. 

Children Under 8 in compliance with our under 8’s policy must be supervised everywhere in the waterpark including use of on the slides by an adult at all times.

Children Under 12 Years Old

The minimum age that a child can come into the waterpark unaccompanied is 12 years old.

As long as there is an adult (18+) in the waterpark premises who is directly responsible for them, children of that party aged 8-11 may use the slides at the waterpark as long as they are accompanied by at least one adult around the waterpark.



No refund will be provided if admission is refused due to an insufficient adult to child ratio.


We cannot take any responsibility for unsupervised young people.

By accepting and continuing to booking, you confirm you have read and agree to the Under 8's Policy in place here at Brean Splash Waterpark, and forfeit your entry if you do not meet the required adult-to-child ratio.

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